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Why He Ourple

Why He Ourple

The “Why He Ourple” meme has taken the internet by storm, leaving many people wondering just where this strange, yet amusing, meme came from. If you’re one of those people scratching your head over the origins of this meme, you’re in luck – we’ve done some digging and have all the answers you’re looking for.

But first, let’s start with the basics: what is the “Why He Ourple” meme?

Simply put, it’s a series of images featuring a character with a purple face and the caption “Why He Ourple.” The character is often shown in various humorous or bizarre situations, with the caption acting as a punchline to the joke. The meme has gained popularity on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter, and has even inspired a series of remixes and parodies.

So, where did this meme come from?

The “Why He Ourple” meme can be traced back to a viral tweet from November 2018. The tweet featured a screenshot of a conversation between two people, with one person asking “Why he ourple?” and the other responding with a series of nonsensical phrases, such as “Cuz he dab too hard” and “He fell in love with a blueberry.”

The tweet quickly gained traction, with people reposting it and adding their own captions and jokes to the mix. Soon, the “Why He Ourple” meme was born, and it has been a mainstay on the internet ever since.

But why did this particular meme catch on so quickly?

There are a few factors that contributed to the success of the “Why He Ourple” meme. One of these factors is its simplicity. The meme is easy to understand, and the purple character is visually distinctive, making it easy to recognize and remember.

Another factor is the meme’s versatility. The “Why He Ourple” format is simple enough that it can be used in a variety of contexts, making it easy to create new variations of the meme. This versatility has allowed the meme to continue to evolve and remain relevant in the ever-changing world of internet memes.

Finally, the “Why He Ourple” meme is simply funny. The absurdity of the purple character and the nonsensical responses to the question “Why he ourple?” make for a humorous and memorable experience.

So, there you have it – the origins of the “Why He Ourple” meme. This bizarre, yet amusing, meme has taken the internet by storm, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Whether you’re a fan of the meme or just want to know more about it, we hope this article has provided some insight into the origins and popularity of this internet sensation.

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