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What Times What is -36?

To find the answer to this math problem, we must determine what times are equal to -36. In other words, we need to find two numbers that, when multiplied together, equal -36.

There are infinite solutions to this problem, as there are endless negative numbers. However, some solutions are more commonly used than others.

One solution is -6 times 6, which equals -36. Another solution is -9 times 4, which also equals -36. And yet another explanation is -12 times 3, which again equals -36.

In general, any two negative numbers that, when multiplied together, equal -36 will work as a solution to this problem. However, the most common answers are -6 times 6, -9 times 4, and -12 times 3.

If you need help solving this math problem, or any other math problems, be sure to ask your teacher or a tutor for assistance. With a bit of practice, you’ll solve these problems like a pro in no time!

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