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What is the Tribal Assistance Coordination Group (TAC-G)?

What Is the Tribal Assistance Coordination Group TAC G

The Tribal Assistance Coordination Group (TAC-G) is a unique organization that works to improve the lives of Native American communities. This group is made up of representatives from various federal agencies and is dedicated to providing assistance and support to tribes in need.

The TAC-G was established in response to the growing need for coordination and collaboration among federal agencies that provide assistance to Native American communities. The group works to ensure that tribal communities have access to the resources and support they need to thrive.

One of the key goals of the TAC-G is to improve communication and coordination among federal agencies that work with Native American communities. This includes sharing information and resources, as well as working together on initiatives and programs that benefit tribal communities.

Another important aspect of the TAC-G’s work is providing assistance to tribes during times of crisis. This can include providing emergency assistance in the wake of natural disasters or other emergencies, as well as offering support to tribes that are dealing with challenges such as poverty or lack of access to essential services.

The TAC-G also plays a crucial role in helping tribes to access federal programs and resources that can help to improve their communities. This includes providing information and guidance on how to apply for funding, as well as helping tribes to navigate the often complex bureaucracy of federal agencies.

Overall, the TAC-G is a valuable resource for Native American communities. By providing coordination and assistance, the group helps to ensure that tribal communities have the support they need to thrive and succeed. Whether it’s providing emergency assistance during times of crisis, or helping tribes to access federal programs and resources, the TAC-G is dedicated to improving the lives of Native Americans.

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