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What Is Captain and Crew Golf

What Is Captain and Crew Golf

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you may have heard of Captain and Crew golf. But what exactly is it, and how does it differ from traditional golf formats?

First and foremost, Captain and Crew is a team golf format where players are split into teams of two. One player is designated as the “captain,” while the other is the “crew.” The captain and crew work together to play the round, with the captain responsible for making all of the decisions and playing the majority of the shots.

So why play Captain and Crew instead of traditional golf? For one, it’s a great way to mix up the typical solo or group format. It allows players to rely on each other and work as a team, rather than solely focusing on their own game. It also adds a level of strategy, as the captain must decide which player should hit each shot and when to take certain risks.

But the benefits of Captain and Crew go beyond just the gameplay. It’s also a great way for golfers of different skill levels to play together. The captain can take on the role of the more experienced player, while the crew can be the beginner or intermediate golfer. This allows for a more even and enjoyable round for both players.

So how do you play Captain and Crew golf? First, decide on the teams and designate a captain and crew for each. From there, the rules are similar to traditional golf. The captain and crew play their own ball, but the captain makes all of the decisions and plays the majority of the shots. The team’s score is determined by the best score of the captain or crew on each hole.

There are a few variations of Captain and Crew, including the “best ball” format where the team chooses the best score of the captain or crew on each hole, and the “scramble” format where both players hit their shots and then choose the best one to continue play from.

Captain and Crew can also be played with a handicap system in place. In this case, the captain’s handicap is multiplied by 1.5 and applied to the team’s score, while the crew’s handicap is multiplied by .5 and applied. This allows for an even playing field among teams with different skill levels.

So the next time you’re looking for a change from traditional golf, give Captain and Crew a try. It’s a fun and exciting way to mix up the game and test your teamwork skills on the course. Plus, it’s a great way for golfers of all skill levels to play together and have an enjoyable round. Give it a shot and see how it adds a new element of strategy and teamwork to your game.

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