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What Is A Mega Tassel

What Is A Mega Tassel

In the 1990s, the mega tassel trend fell out of favor, but has recently made a comeback in the fashion world. Today, mega tassels can be found on a variety of items, including bags, shoes and clothing. They are often worn as statement pieces or to add a touch of glam to an outfit. Using tassels in fashion is not a new trend.

In fact, tassels have been used for centuries on clothing and accessories. In ancient Egypt, tassels were used to adorn clothing and jewellery, and were also believed to have magical properties. In the Middle East, tassels were used to decorate fabrics and clothing, and were also used in religious ceremonies. Tassels have also been popular in European fashion, particularly during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. In these times, tassels were used to add a decorative touch to clothing, as well as to indicate the social status of the wearer.

In the modern fashion world, tassels are used to add a touch of whimsy and fun to clothes and accessories. They are often incorporated into bohemian-inspired looks and are a popular choice for festival fashion. The mega tassel, in particular, has become a symbol of a bold and extravagant style. It is often worn to make a statement and add a touch of drama to an outfit. Mega Tassels can be found on a variety of items, including bags, shoes, and clothing. They are a popular choice for evening wear and are often styled with glitter, sequins and other statement accents.

So what is a mega tassel? It’s a larger, more exaggerated version of traditional tassel, used to add a bold, glamorous edge to fashion pieces. The mega tassel trend may come and go, but it’s a classic fashion staple that’s sure to make a statement every time it returns.

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