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Judge Suzanne Why Labret: A Look at Her Career and Accomplishments

Judge Suzanne Why Labret

As a respected judge in the legal community, Suzanne Why Labret has made a name for herself through her fair and impartial decisions on the bench. But who is Judge Labret and what has she accomplished in her career? Let’s take a closer look at this accomplished woman and her journey to the judicial system.

Early Life and Education

Suzanne Why Labret was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She received her undergraduate degree from Tulane University and went on to earn her law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law. After graduating from law school, Labret returned to New Orleans to begin her legal career.

Career Path

Labret started her career as a law clerk for Judge Carolyn Dineen King of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. From there, she worked as an associate at a law firm before becoming an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana. In this role, she prosecuted cases involving federal crimes such as drug trafficking, fraud, and public corruption.

In 2002, Labret was nominated by President George W. Bush to serve as a United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana. She was confirmed by the Senate and has served in this role ever since. As a district judge, Labret presides over a wide range of cases, including civil and criminal matters.

Notable Cases

Throughout her career, Judge Labret has handled a number of high-profile cases. One such case was United States v. Scrushy, in which she presided over the criminal trial of former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy. Scrushy was accused of participating in a scheme to inflate the company’s earnings and mislead investors. Labret ultimately sentenced Scrushy to six years in prison.

Another notable case was United States v. Oliver, in which Labret sentenced former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to 10 years in prison for corruption. Nagin was found guilty of accepting bribes and other forms of corruption while in office.

In addition to these high-profile cases, Judge Labret has also handled a variety of civil cases, including employment discrimination, personal injury, and contract disputes.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout her career, Judge Labret has been recognized for her contributions to the legal community. In 2018, she received the Outstanding Jurist Award from the Federal Bar Association’s Eastern District of Louisiana Chapter. She has also been recognized by the Louisiana State Bar Association for her dedication to the legal profession.


Judge Suzanne Why Labret has had a successful and noteworthy career in the legal industry. From her early days as a law clerk to her current role as a United States District Judge, she has proven herself to be a fair and impartial judge who is dedicated to upholding the law. Through her handling of high-profile cases and her numerous awards and recognition, Labret has solidified her place as a respected and accomplished member of the legal community.

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