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Descent Of The Legendary Archmage

Descent Of The Legendary Archmage

The Descent of the Legendary Archmage tells the story of Shin Hayul, a genius mage who discovers he cannot be implanted with Artificial Intelligence. He is determined to unlock the mysteries of magic and eventually becomes one of the most powerful archmages in history. Link, the top Archmage in the server, leads his group to defeat the strongest boss Nozama with his magical powers. The MI3’s outpost is located within the old city quarters, and they must now rescue the Legendary Assassin from danger. With all odds against them, Link and his team must use their wits and abilities to battle through dungeons and monsters to save their own lives. This exciting adventure novel brings readers a thrilling journey into the world of magic, where heroes are born, and legends are made.

Shin Hayul was the first Archmage to define the existence of mana and create the study of magic, revolutionizing the magical world as we know it. Suddenly, Soonchan burst into my room in a state of panic and disarray, as if he had just fought a fierce battle. He informed me that Hayul had descended from his legendary status and was now among us. This was Chapter 6 of Shin Hayul’s story: The Descent of the Legendary Archmage. Link, the top Archmage in the entire server, had just defeated the strongest boss – Nosamax – with his team and had been transported to a parallel game world by Advent of the Archmage novel. This novel tells an epic story about Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres, captivating readers with its exciting plotlines. Join us on this journey as we follow Shin Hayul’s remarkable story!

Shin embarks on a quest to become the top Archmage in the server. Along his journey, he meets Soonchan, and they fight off powerful bosses like Lord of The Deep and Nozama. Eventually, Link defeats Nosamax and is transported into a parallel game world by Mikhail Walpurgis. Here, with the help of his group, Link defeats the final boss and completes his mission.

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